Retirement Income Planning

Whether you are years away from retirement or already there, the financial choices you make today will play a crucial role in determining the quality of life you experience once you stop working. The impact of the financial decisions you make amplifies as you move from saving for retirement to living in retirement. The period from approximately five years before to five years after you stop working is especially critical in laying the foundation for a comfortable retirement.

Forward Financial Strategies can help you develop realistic retirement income plans, structure your portfolio to manage a range of risks (see below), and fine tune your plan as your circumstances change. Together, we can create durable strategies to manage your assets throughout your lifetime.

Five Risks Every Retirement Plan Should Address

1. Inflation

Does your retirement strategy help protect you from the corrosive effects of inflation?

2. Longevity

Are you prepared for the possibility that you might have the good fortune of living longer than you expect?

3. Emotional Investing

Does your investment strategy give you the confidence you will need to be able to avoid the costly trap of emotional decision-making?

4. Market Risk

Do you have an adequate financial cushion to carry you through times of market turmoil without forcing you to sell investments at depressed prices?

5. Health Risk

Does your current plan allow for the possibility of facing considerable, sustained health problems that deplete your resources more quickly than expected?

A well-crafted retirement plan looks ahead to the possibilities of what the future might hold, taking careful account of the risks that could keep you from reaching your goals. With Forward Financial Strategies, you can be confident that each of these risks will be carefully considered in the development of your plan.