Douglas started Forward Financial Strategies as a result of a very personal experience. He grew up as the son of a hard-working, successful entrepreneur in Arizona. Like many who are passionate about what they do, Douglas' father had no plan to retire, but expected to continue working as long as he was able.

Heartbreakingly, at age 72, Douglas’ father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and there was no “Plan B” in place to replace his lost income.  Although his father had relationships with several stock brokers, he had no CFP Professional® to guide his family through the transition to a forced retirement.  His brokers were more focused on picking stocks than helping Douglas’ father plan for the future.  A comprehensive financial plan would have made all the difference.  Thankfully, his father had long-term care insurance, and Douglas had the training and ability to develop a realistic plan to care for his mother.

This experience changed the course of Douglas' career.  Realizing he had the gifting and experience needed to help others, he founded Forward Financial Strategies in 2006 and began pursuing his CFP® certification.  Since that time, Douglas' mission has been to support his clients by helping them plan for personal financial goals, manage the risk of unexpected contingencies, and make the most of life.